Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peirce House and Parrott House

The Joseph W. Peirce House is located on the west side of Middle Street, opposite Haymarket Square.
Captain William F. Parrott House

The next house south is a brick residence known as the Parrott House. Union soldier Captain William F. Parrott built this brick home during the Civil War.

Haymarket Square is in the center of the intersection between Court Street and Middle Street. The first hay market was established here in 1755. It was equipped with scales for weighing hay brought to market from nearby farms. Today Haymarket Square is a traffic island surrounded by stately homes dating from the 1800s.


  1. and was the city jail?

    1. I worked on the North half of this building around 2006 repairing fire damage. The basement in the side I worked on had cells with wood doors. The maintenance guy for the South half said there are steel doors on that side, and that it was an asylum in the late 1800's.