Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cutter House

The Cutter House was located on the southeast corner of Congress and Middle Streets.

Charles Treadwell, a wealthy merchant and respected Portsmouth house builder, constructed the home for his son around 1750. Later the house became known as the Cutter House after Dr. Ammi Cutter purchased it. Dr. Cutter served as a surgeon during the French and Indian War and was head of the medical department of the Northern Army during the American Revolution.

Dr. Cutter gave the home to his daughter, who married Colonel Clement Storer. Colonel Storer served during the War of 1812 and later became a United States Congressman. He entertained President James Monroe and General Henry Dearborn here in 1817.

The Cutter House still stood on this spot in 1902 when the photograph above appeared in C. S. Gurney's Portsmouth . . . Historic and Picturesque. This location today holds a less elegant building but an excellent seafood restaurant, Jumpin' Jay's Fish Café.

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