Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yeaton-Walsh House

The Yeaton-Walsh House, a property of Strawbery Banke Museum, is located on the north side of Puddle Lane, between Atkinson Street and Mast Lane. 

Winn-Yeaton Houses
The large lot bordered by Jefferson Street, Atkinson Street, Puddle Lane, and Mast Lane was purchased by Thales G. Yeaton in 1794. Within a year, Yeaton and his brother-in-law, Timothy Winn III, built a pair of houses bordering Jefferson Street. Their connected homes are known as the Yeaton House and the Winn House.

Thales Yeaton also built the Yeaton-Walsh House at about the same time. Located on the southern side of the lot, the building was rented to local workers involved with the merchant trade, like craftsmen, seamen, and laborers. Michael Walsh was a sawyer  he was employed to saw wood  and lived here around 1850.

The Yeaton-Walsh House has not been restored. Its front lawn borders Puddle Lane and is a pleasant spot for a picnic. 

Unfortunately, I have not found a single photograph that shows this property before Strawbery Banke purchased it.

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