Friday, January 18, 2013

Hough House

Hough House, also known as the Captain Thomas Hough House, sits on the northeast corner of Horse Lane (formerly Liberty Street) and Jefferson Street, in Strawbery Banke Museum.

The original, smaller house on this lot was constructed in 1750. By 1813, there were two structures here: the original house and a separate barn or stable. 

During the residency of a ship’s carpenter named Thomas Hough, who lived here from 1851-1896, the two buildings were combined into one large home, probably around 1860. At the time, Captain Hough tried running a ship chandlery here, but his experiment proved unsuccessful.

There are no references to Thomas Hough or his house in my trusted resources. The 1905 Portsmouth Directory lists “Hough, George F” as a ship’s carpenter who was living on Woodbury Avenue at the time. He was likely a son of Thomas Hough.

The old photographs on this page were taken in 1961 for the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) of the Captain Thomas Hough House. 

The building is currently occupied by Malloy Athans Inc., a commercial design studio, and All E.A.R.S. (Educational Audiology Resource & Services).

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