Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gookin House

The Gookin House, sometimes referred to as the Smalley Estate, is located at 43 Atkinson Street on the property of Strawbery Banke Museum.

Little is known about the origins of this narrow building. It was probably built around 1790.

After Leonard Cotton died in 1872, his son, William Cotton, inherited an empty lot between the Captain Reuben Shapley House and the Peacock House. After locating a building that would fit in the narrow space, he moved it here in 1878.

According to Strawbery Banke Museum, this was once some sort of utility building, perhaps a small warehouse, that might have come from the waterfront of Puddle Dock. Cotton converted the building into a rental property by adding finished walls, doors, and a stairway.
The black-and-white photograph below is from a 1961 Historic American Building Survey (HABS) posted on the Library of Congress Website.

Today, the Gookin House serves as the offices of Spead Tax Group PLLC; Tax, Insolvency, and Forensic Accountants.

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