Thursday, May 10, 2012

U.S. Custom House

The old Federal Building towers over the northwest corner of Pleasant and State Streets.

Old Custom House and Post Office

The Rockingham Bank previously stood on this corner. The United States constructed the current building in 1857-1860 and moved the custom house and post office here from their previous location on the southeast corner of Daniel and Penhallow Streets.

According to Richard M. Candee’s book, Building Portsmouth, this is an Italianate style called a granite palazzo. The U.S. Post Office occupied the first floor, the second floor was the U.S. Custom House, and a court room was on the top floor. An addition was added in 1927.

The building remained Portsmouth’s post office and custom house until the Thomas J. McIntyre Federal building opened at 80 Daniel Street in 1966.

The old photograph is circa 1902 and shows the massive granite building before the addition was constructed in 1927 on the right (north) side.

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