Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daniel Webster House

The Daniel Webster House is located at the northeast corner of Washington and Hancock Streets, at Strawbery Banke. Its original location was on the corner of High Street and Webster Court, south of the Jabez Fitch House.

This house was built around 1784 by an unknown (by me) builder. It is named after Daniel Webster, the famous orator, who first came to Portsmouth in 1807 and stayed for ten years. In 1817, he moved to Boston.

Daniel Webster, lived in this home from 1814 until 1817. He moved here after his previous home, located on the northwest corner of Pleasant and Court Streets (across Pleasant Street from the Treadwell Jenness House), burned in the Great Portsmouth Fire of 1813.

This was the last Portsmouth residence of Daniel Webster, who served on the Board of Trustees of the Portsmouth Academy from 1810 to 1816.

The Daniel Webster House was moved to Strawbery Banke Museum when urban renewal decimated the North End during the 1960s. The building is not currently open to the public.

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